"I have known Zeke and Pamela for two years. Having taken ballroom dance lessons prior to meeting Zeke and Pamela, I came to them feeling confident in basic ballroom steps, but I was looking to expand and refine my knowledge and skills. Taking private lessons from Zeke has helped me improve in technique, form, and in performing/competing. I believe a big part of that is due to Zeke’s great personality, which helps bring out the best in his students. He is welcoming, upbeat, enthusiastic, fun, motivating, easy to work with, and easy to talk to. He adapts his teaching style so that is individualized to you, so that you can learn the most from your lesson. When Zeke and Pamela dance as a couple, you can see how things should look, something in which I feel also greatly helps in the learning process. Since I have gotten to know both Zeke and Pamela I feel like through our experiences over the past few years that we have become family. I wanted to do something positive for myself, and that is why I ballroom dance. I feel my experiences with them are just that, nothing but positive. The benefits of ballroom dancing are numerous…it will help you relieve stress, improve mental acuity, and it is a great form of exercise that you can do year round (even in the snow!!!). Ballroom dancing is a way to meet new people and it makes for a great date night for couples! I think you get much more out of ballroom dance than just dancing, I just can’t put my finger on what exactly it is…guess you will have to try a lesson with Zeke and Pamela and find out for yourself!!"
                                       -Kristy T.

       "Zeke is a great dance instructor!  My daughter and I wanted to do a dance at her wedding reception. We picked the song and he choreographed it and taught us the steps.  He was so much fun to work with and reasonably priced.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone!"

                                   -Deb W. (mom of Sara)


 “I’ve enjoyed every second since I started learning ballroom dance from Zeke!  He has always made me feel at ease during lessons with his easygoing and fun-loving attitude!  Beyond being incredible dancers and instructors, Zeke and Pamela are incredible people – they are absolutely the reason why I now LOVE ballroom dance!" 

                                    - Kristy C.

       "At first my mom and I were a bit apprehensive about taking dancing lessons.  But Zeke made every session so much fun--and our dance for my wedding reception turned out GREAT!  Zeke made us so comfortable and was always up for adjusting the moves to make us feel at ease." 

                                        -Sara W. (daughter of Deb)

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(920) 428-2621


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      "​I started dancing with Zeke by chance when I was paired with him for the 2013 Shall We Dance event.  I had never danced before, but had always been intrigued by it.  I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into, but was ready for a challenge and a different kind of fun.  We spent six months preparing for the event, and when it was finished, I realized that dancing had become an important part of my life and I didn't want to stop.  I've been dancing with Zeke ever since.  The movement, the learning, and the music involved with dance are healing for my soul in many ways.  Dancing does not come naturally for me, so I need to invest myself and carefully think about my steps.  It's because of that fact, though, that an hour of dance takes me completely outside of myself, and anything that was weighing on my before my lesson is somehow diminished by the end.  Zeke makes it fun and challenging, and has always respected my abilities and opinions.  Zeke and Pamela have become wonderful friends, and dance has become a part of my life that I'm not willing to let go of."

​                                       - Patti J.